We have teamed up with Brooklyn-based duo Live Footage to release their special project “Live Footage Plays Jay Dee.” A few months ago, Live Footage headed on a full fledged Dilla celebration by locking themselves up inside The Creamery Studios. The duo explain their vision behind the project:

J Dilla is a major influence for us musically and production wise. Taking some our favorite songs he produced and putting our own spin on them was quite a challenge. Here, we fused our influences that reach beyond the hip hop realm to adapt these songs to our sound. J Dilla’s constant drive to find new music and make his own sound inspired us to do the same.”

For everyone at Orisue, Dilla’s music is a huge influence to us inside and outside of work that we jumped at the opportunity to present such a unique take on his music to our fans.  Please click “Download” below to download this project for FREE today and treat yourself to some amazing music.